Sutures India

1. Do you manufacture all types of sutures?
Yes, Absorbable & Non absorbable sutures. In Absorbable sutures, we manufacture Catgut, (Chromic/Plain) Polyglycolic Acid (PGA), Polyglycolic Acid (Fast) for fast absorption, Poliglecaprone 25, Polydioxanone and Polyglactin 910 sutures. In Non absorbable sutures, we manufacture Silk, Nylon (Polyamide), Polypropylene, Polyester & Stainless steel sutures.

2. Can you manufacture any suture - needle combination?
Yes, we can manufacture any suture-needle combination. The product catalogs contain only those set of codes which are normally sold in the Indian market. However we can manufacture any kind of suture-needle combination as per the customer’s requirements.

3. Are all your products CE & FDA approved?
No. All synthetic absorbable sutures, Polyglycolic acid, Polydioxanone, Poliglecaprone 25, Polyglactin,  Nonabsorbable sutures, Silk, Polyamide, Polypropylene and Polyester and Polypropylene mesh are CE certified.
Only Polyglycolic Acid (PGA), Silk, Nylon & Polypropylene, Polyester sutures and Polypropylene mesh are USFDA certified.

4. Which dyes are used to colour the sutures?
All colours used in suture manufactured are USFDA approved & listed below:
  • Catgut : Pyrogallol
  • Polyglycolic Acid : D & C VIOLET No.2
  • Poliglecaprone 25 : D & C VIOLET No.2
  • Polydioxanone : D&C VIOLET No.2
  • Polyglactin 910 : D&C VIOLET No.2
  • Silk : Haematin HCK (Logwood Extract)
  • Nylon : Haematin HCK (Logwood Extract)
  • Polypropylene : Pigment Blue or Phthalocyanine Copper
  • Polyester : D & C Green No.5
5. Are all sutures clinically evaluated?
For all our sutures range of products, we have done the bio compatibility studies (primary skin irritation study in rabbits and maximization and sensitization study in guinea pigs) as per I.S.O. 10993-10 guidelines and in-vitro cyto toxicity study as per I.S.O. 10993-5 guidelines. In addition to the above studies, we also have done the absorption studies for the absorbable sutures. Abstract of the study reports are available on request.

6. Does the Company have any certifications?
Yes, In addition to product certifications, the plant is ISO 9001/2000, ISO 13485 /2003 & WHO GMP certified.

7. How do we check out the certifications?
All certificates are hosted on the company's website as Pdf files. These certificates can either be downloaded or printed.

8. Can you manufacture all the sutures in OEM (third party brands) ?
All products manufactured by us like Sutures, Meshes, Staplers, Bonewax, Umbilical cotton tapes, Ligaclip, Synthetic cast etc. can be manufactured in OEM brands also.

9. Are the sutures & needles available in bulk to suture manufacturers?
Yes, suture materials are available for sale to suture manufacturers in bulk. They have the same grade of quality. The drilled end needles are also available to suture manufacturers both in AISI 420 & AISI 302 grade of stainless steel for sale.

10. How are the products sterilized & how they are packed?
Sutures are sterilized by EO (in house) except Polyglycolic acid - fast absorbing suture. Meshes are also sterilized by EO. Polyglycolic acid sutures (Fast absorbing), Bonewax & Umbilical cotton tapes are sterilized by Gamma Radiation in a contract facility.

All products are packed in 400/ 500 GSM super chromo board carton. Twelve foils are packed in a box and 30 /100 such boxes are packed in a master carton. Master shippers are made of 5 ply board with burst strength of 20 Kg/ The shippers have dimensions of 54 x 33 x 33 cm weighing approximately 10 kgs with product. However the pack size could be changed depending the products ordered. Shippers are wrapped  with stretch wrap film to avoid dust, entry of insects and also to resist climatic changes.

11. Which surgical specialities do the sutures cater to?
Sutures manufactured cater to all specialities, viz, General, Orthopaedic, Gynaecology, Neurology, Urology, Cardio vascular, Ophthalmic etc.

12. What is the minimum order quantity for sutures on OEM brand?
For each product (of a specific suture-needle combination) a minimum quantity of 100 doz. needs to be ordered.

13. Is there an easier way out, to order smaller quantities?
Yes, we hold inventory of all products as detailed in the product catalogs - hosted in the Company's website. All customers can order these products from the inventory available. There is no restrictions on the order quantity, when ordered from the company inventory.

14. Is it possible to order products on line?
No, we are working on it. This should be possible from year 2008.

15. What is your policy for distribution of products outside India ?
We appoint distributors (1 per country) to distribute our products. The distributor buys the products from the company & distributes. To finalise the distribution, we help the prospective distributor, by giving samples for the hospital trials & also by giving necessary  documents for registration. Also after a year of continuous purchase, we support the distributor to participate in local surgical conferences. All quotations are on FOB basis.

16. What is your policy for participation in tenders?
Samples & certificates are given for tender participation along with special quotes - depending on volume of tender enquiry.

17. What is the normal delivery time & how is the delivery effected?
We have the facility to manufacture drilled end needles & therefore we are the fastest to supply sutures in the entire suture industry.
Normally sutures are delivered in 30 - 45 days depending on the volume. Delivery is effected by air.

18. How competitive is the Company's product pricing in International market?
The products are extremely well accepted in European & American markets & compare to multinational brands. The products are well competitively priced.

19. What is your Company's commercial terms?
Proforma Invoice which gives the value of the products ordered is sent to the customers by email. Freight as charged by the airlines is added to the FOB prices. All customers are required to open L/C for all supplies of over USD 10,000. Payments below this value are to be paid in advance.

20. What is special about the Hernia meshes?
Meshes are manufactured from biocompatible non absorbable undyed Polypropylene. Meshes are USFDA & CE certified. Meshes are offered in 5 unique designs - Some are thick, some are thin & pliable for laproscopic surgery, some have bigger pores to allow better support in growth of tissues. Mesh production can be customized to suit customer’s need.